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Travelling along forest trails

Please be advised that the prevailing regulations are as follows:

1. Motorised transit along forest trails is authorised (to see annex "click here") for the following categories of vehicles:  Mopeds, motorbikes and passenger cars. However, it is forbidden to use tyres with a groove depth of more than 2 cm and a diameter of more than 34 inches.

2. Vehicles in the categories listed below and listed in the quota system may travel along forest trails:

• Quads /ATV and 4-cycle with handlebar steering or Quads /ATV and all terrain 4-cycles.

• Enduro and trial bikes or motorbikes fitted with Enduro or trial tyres.

• All terrain vehicles fitted with a winch and all terrain or non-road tyres.

Attention!  The winch or pulley is an electric motor connected to the vehicle battery that turns a drum round which a steel cable passes. This equipment allows the vehicle to be pulled out of places from where it would otherwise be impossible to remove by its own means. It can also be used for removing trees or objects obstructing the way. IF YOUR ALL TERRAIN VEHICLE IS NOT EQUIPPED WITH THIS MECHANISM YOU DO NOT NEED TO REGISTER IN THE QUOTA SYSTEM.

3. Only one entry is permitted per individual and per vehicle.  At the end of the procedure, the system will issue a number from 1 to 600. Once the quota of 600 has been filled, registration will close.  This entry into the quota system will be valid for use until 31st December 2009. In December 2009 a new registration period will be opened.

4. Officers responsible for patrolling the mountains will be in possession of a list of registered numbers and the details of the vehicles and persons concerned.  If required to do so, drivers will provide officers with the quota number and identifying documentation to be checked off against the list.

5. Vehicles belonging to the following categories: Quads /ATV and 4-cycles with handlebar steering or Quads /ATV and all terrain 4-cycles, authorised through the quota system shall be provided with a certificate, issued by the Motorcycling Federation or competent official body, stating that said vehicles do not exceed the maximum legal limit of noise emitted.

6. In all cases, the following regulations shall be taken into account:

• Transit is limited to the period commencing at one hour before sun up and ending at one hour after sundown. 

• Access to trails may be limited or restricted for the following reasons: management, works, and risk of fire or snowfall.

• Vehicles must meet the requirements and be in possession of the documentation demanded by the traffic laws governing the movement of motor vehicles along public and private thoroughfares. Furthermore, they shall be equipped with anti-spark systems.

• The provisions of these regulations do not exempt compliance of Decree 124/1995, 11th May, which establishes the general conditions for using trails in nature areas in the Canary Islands, and of other autonomous regulations in this matter.

The remaining forest trails in Tenerife, not included in the annex, continue to be subject to the general prohibition given in article 54 of Forestry Law 43/2003, of 21st November, which establishes that travelling along trails not included in the road network shall be limited to rights of way, agro-forestry management, and the patrolling and firefighting tasks of the competent public authorities. The scope of said prohibition shall be interpreted according to the Resolution of the Island Counsellor of the Department of the Environment and Landscape, of 3rd June 2006.

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