Corpus Christi and Romeria of San Isidro Labrador


This Corpus festival was celebrated in La Orotava since its origins as population, but it started to gain a reputation since 1847, when some members of the Monteverde family, made a flower tapestry to celebrate the passing of the Andas del Corpus in front of their private house. The tapestries constitute one of the most representative artistic manifestations in La Orotava: Tapestries made of flowers on the Historic Centre streets, and of volcanic sands from the Teide National Park in the Town Hall Square.
The tapestry of the Town Hall Square is being tailored since the early 20th century. In the tapestry, it can be highlighted the perfection of images using three-dimensional effects, which make it even more spectacular and turn it into a major tourist attraction.



From the second half of the 17th century, La Orotava has been celebrating the San Isidro festivity. On Sunday, 21st June, 1936, it was celebrated in our Villa the first Romeria in honour to San Isidro Labrador as we know it, promoted by the Liceo de Taoro Cultural Society. From that year, the Romería grew every edition, until it became the great Canaria Party which it is nowadays, an example of organisation for other Romerías celebrated in the Archipelago, sung as “the most beautiful Party in Canarias”.
Nowadays, the Romería of San Isidro symbolically represents the offering of fruits and lands to Patron Saints, and the traditionalism of the Canaria farmland in its various facets, with bedecked carts and parrandas, intoning popular and folkloric songs which make this pilgrimage the most authentic one in the Canary Islands.

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