Carnival Puerto de la Cruz

2015 Carnival in Puerto de la Cruz (Main Events)

12th  February: Gala for the Election of the Carnival Queen
14th  February: Proclamatory Parade
18th  February: Funeral of the Sardine
20th  February: Men´s Marathon in High Heels
21st  February: Coso - Main Parade (4 pm)


The carnival has been declared of international tourist interest, being one of the longest-standing carnivals of the island. Even during the time when the fiesta was banned, it has always managed to find a place in the hearts of the people of Puerto de la Cruz, they even camouflaged the carnival under the name of "winter fiestas" in order not to miss it. The burial of the sardine, held on Ash Wednesday, and the Grand Carnival Parade, on the following Saturday, are quite spectacular, with the participation of many individuals, groups, floats, comparsas, murgas (carnival music groups) and several delegations from the carnivals of other countries, including Germany.

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