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Montaña Blanca y el Teide
Montaña Blanca y el Teide

Trails in the Teide National Park


There is an extensive network of trails in the Teide National Park, providing access to some interesting spots. Bearing in mind criteria of safety, comfort, familiarity with the terrain and enjoyment of visitors, the Park administration recommends that people take the following guided trail tours and non-guided routes. There are other trails as well, but these are too dangerous and too long to make them advisable for most people.

Guided trails for the general public

The National Park´s interpretation service offers the following guided tours free of charge. You need to book in advance with the National Park Office (Tfno: 922 922 371  )

From  To  Time 
Centro de Visitantes(El Portillo) Siete Cañadas 4 to 5 hrs

Roque del Peral 2 hrs

La Fortaleza 3 1/2 hrs

Arenas Negras 2 hrs

Risco Verde 3 hrs

Jardín del Centro de Visitantes 30 a 45 min
La Ruleta Roques de García 2 1/2 hrs

Self-guided tours

 Certain routes in the National Park are suitable for visitors to do the routes on their own. These include the following ones:

From   To Time 
Montaña Blanca Centro de Visitantes 2 hrs (4 Km.)
Montaña Majúa Parador Nacional 2 hrs (6 Km.)
Centro de Visitantes Parador Nacional (Siete Cañadas) 4 to 5 hrs (16 Km.)
Jardín del Centro de Visitantes
30 to 45 min. (1 Km.)

Path to the peak of Teide

The most commonly used starting point is the base of Montaña Blanca, at 2,100 m. above sea level. The path to the Altavista refuge starts about 4 km along the trail, just before reaching the peak of Montaña Blanca.

Altavista Refuge is a unique place to stay in the world. It is located in the heart of Teide National Park, at a height of 3,260m.
Altavista del Teide Refuge consists of two buildings and is equipped with a first-aid room, dining room and kitchen. It has three dormitories with a total capacity for 54 people.  The rooms are heated and beds are fully equipped with sheets and warm quilts, so you don't have to bring a sleeping bag. It has toilets and washbasins, without showers.
The Refuge sells hot drinks, soft drinks and water and it is also possible to heat up food.
The original refuge was built in 1892 and Tenerife Island Council (Cabildo Insular) took over its running in 1950. It was completely renovated in 2007.
The maximum stay is ONE NIGHT ONLY; visitors are given their bedding when they arrive and they can heat up food and drinks in the kitchen.
It is open all year round, only closing in very bad weather.

Reservations online: Refugio de Altavista

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