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The Flag of Tenerife
The Flag of Tenerife

The Flag of Tenerife

The standard of Tenerife was initially adopted in 1845 as a registration signal or flag for the maritime province of Tenerife, based at Santa Cruz de Tenerife, by Royal Order, issued on the 30th July, 1845. At that time, Santa Cruz was the capital city of all the Canary Islands. It was finally adopted as the flag of the island at the request of the Island Cabildo, by Order of the Canary Island Government on May 9, 1989 and published in the Official Canary Island Gazette on the 22 May, 1989.

Description: Blue flag with a white cross whose arms terminate in the corners in the form known as the Cross of St. Andrew or Cross of Bourgogne. The field is navy blue and the white cross should be approximately one fifth of the width of the flag.

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