The Trade Winds
The Trade Winds

The trade winds. Eternal spring

Tenerife is known throughout the world as the Island of Eternal Spring. Its geographic position, in an imaginary strip around the world in which you find some of the best holiday spots in the world, means that this slogan is not far from truth.

The reasons for the gentle climate are the prevailing winds - the trade winds - the orography of the terrain itself and the cold Canary current, which ensures that the coasts and beaches of Tenerife always enjoy magnificent temperatures, sometimes above the temperature of the air.

In general, the Island´s climate is mild, temperate and moderate throughout the year. There are no seasons of extreme cold or suffocating heat. Average temperatures fluctuate between 17º and 18º C in winter, up to 24º or 25º C in summer. These relative and general values are especially applicable in coastal areas where most of the tourist resorts are sited.

In the previous section (flora and fauna) information was given about the enormous variety of scenery in Tenerife. This also implies a wide variety of micro-climates, which is one of the most surprising and attractive aspects of the Island.

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